1. Is it a good time to sell?

The real estate market conditions shift regularly, and homes generally move faster in certain areas during certain times of the year. I can complete a comparable market analysis for you. This is where I find a few comparable homes near your home that have recently sold. This will give us a baseline to get an idea of the market conditions.

2. Is it financially feasible for you to sell now?

If the market conditions aren’t robust, you might find that the market value of your home is less than the costs associated with selling.

3. What updates and repairs should you do to add value to my home?

Assess your property’s overall condition and tackle any pressing problems. Most buyers focus on the kitchen and bathrooms. However, doing a major project may not give you the return on investment you’re looking for. We can discuss what items could turn off potential buyers and what projects make the most sense.

4. A little elbow grease goes a long way…

We want buyers to come into your home and have them feel like it’s their home. The best way to do this is by decluttering and storing things that may distract them. We don’t want them to be carried away at family photos or your taste in art. We want everything to be pretty neutral for the most part. Rooms will appear bigger when there are fewer belongings in there. Once decluttered a fresh coat of paint and deep clean will make your property shine. After the inside is complete don’t underestimate the power of curb appeal. A recently painted front door, potted plants, a freshly mowed lawn, and some new mulch can make all the difference.

5. How will you market my property?

We’ll decide on a competitive listing price that reflects comparable homes currently listed and those recently sold. But high enough to turn a nice profit for you. After that leave the rest to me. I will get professional photography and (videography if you desire) and blast out your property for maximum listing exposure. With my online syndication strategy, your home will garner exposure to millions of potential buyers, who are shopping for properties on Long and Foster’s award-winning website and other popular sites like Zillow,, and more.

Additionally, I advertise in digital and print media to super-specific target groups that are most likely to buy your property. Of course, I will incorporate traditional ways like open houses as well new technology that includes methods like reverse prospecting.